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Edit guideline

The guide can be edited and extended at any time.

Create new chapter
  1. Open the guide via the backstage menu with Project/ Edit Guideline.
  1. Click on the plus button in the upper right corner to create a new chapter. The chapter will be added below the existing chapters.
  1. Under Headline, enter the title of the chapter. In addition, you can define another subheading in the Subtitle field.
  2. Click in the Content area to enter a text. If you want to insert images or format the text, click the small arrow to display the editor.
  1. Then confirm with OK. The editing dialog closes.
Delete chapter

Chapters that you have created in a guide can be deleted by clicking on the chapter and then on the Delete button.

Confirm the subsequent dialog with Yes. The chapter will be removed from the guide.

If you want to make project elements available instead, click on the plus button on the left behind Examples. In the next dialog, select what is to be displayed.

  1. Confirm with OK.
Change label for links and examples

You can rename the preconfigured names for Examples and Links.

  • Click on the pencil behind examples or further links.
  • Click in the field and enter another name.
  • Confirm the changes by saving the guideline with OK.