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Version 7.1 and later

Dialog for ‘Transfer Value Stream Budget’

This feature allows you to transfers budgets from a value stream to the project assigned to that same value stream. When budgets already exist in the project you wish to transfer to, it’s possible to overwrite or update them with the budget you wish to import.
To open the dialog:

  • Go to the view for Show Value Streams in a portfolio. Then select the command Import budget in the context menu of a value stream.

The Dialog

The budgets already existing in the chosen value stream are displayed on the left-hand side. You can see the budgets that already exist in the corresponding projects on the right-hand side. When the selected value stream budgets are transferred to the page for ProjectBudgets, they are sorted by their start date and highlighted in green. Project budgets, on the other hand, which match with the time period of the value stream budget, however, not with the latter’s amount, are highlighted in orange. Meanwhile, project budgets that haven’t been selected are highlighted with a neutral blue. An entry is highlighted in red indicates it has been deleted, or a project budget that overlaps with value stream budgets and has therefore been replaced with the latter.


Budgets highlighted in blue are neutral.
Budgets highlighted in green are new.
Budgets highlighted in red will be deleted.

Import all existing Budgets When this option is selected, all listed budgets in this section are selected.

Delete all existing Budgets When this option is selected, all budgets listed in this section will be highlighted in red.

Import budgets

Provided that a project doesn’t already have a budget, you can simply transfer budgets by selecting them on the left-hand side, which indicates that they should be imported. The selected budgets will then be automatically displayed on the right hand side in the section for Delete all existing Budgets.

If a project is highlighted in green, it indicates that it doesn’t yet exist in the given project but will be added to it. If you wish to delete the entry, simply deselect it.

Update budget(s)

When budgets are already present on both sides of the dialog, take note of what happens when budgets are selected and deselected. Pay attention to the time frames of the respective budgets, because budgets that have overlapping time frame will not be transferred.

Overlaps are recognized automatically from the tool and are highlighted. As soon as a budget is selected on the left-hand side, all budgets that fall in the same time frame are also selected. The background colour of each entry indicates what will happen when you confirm your transfer selections.
In the example above, the value stream budget on the left-hand side has been selected for transfer to the project on the right-hand side. Correspondingly, the budget is added to the right-hand side and marked as new. The budget that has been scheduled for 24.05.2021-30.06.2021 lies outside of the time frame and is therefore not affected by the transfer, which is why it is highlighted in blue and is not selected. Correspondingly, the project that has been scheduled from 01.07.2021 until the end of the project is set to be deleted, because it overlaps with the value stream budgets.