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Create and Import Public Holidays

By default, project and staff calendars contain no entries for public holidays. However, public holidays can be imported into objectiF RM and inserted into the system’s calendars. With public holidays varying between countries and even states within the same countries, you need to specify which public holidays you wish to import by selecting a region in the editing dialog of a staff member or a project.

Import Public Holidays

Decide which public holidays you wish to import into a system’s calendar in the Backstage menu. Configurations are applied organization-wide.

You can download public holidays according to region and year from the internet. Search for *.ics files.
  1. In the Backstage view of an organization, select Settings/ General Settings.
  1. In the Regions & Holidays tab, click on the green Plus to create a region in the system. If you want to rename an already-existing region, double-click on its blue field and enter a new name.
  2. Select a language in the drop-down menu for Culture; the two available are English (EN) and German (DE). The language chosen here determines the language in which automatic emails are sent to staff members. 
  3. Click the […] button next to the section iCalendar Data for holidays and select an *.ics file. If you need to refine the list of public holidays you want to insert into staff calendars, do so in the Holidays entry dialog which opens when you click the Import holidays button.  
  1. Press the Import holidays button; this opens Holidays entry dialog. Here, you select which specific public holidays you wish to import from the *ics file by highlighting the desired holidays listed in the dialog. You can also use the search mask to look for specific holidays.  
  2. Click OK to confirm your choices. 

The years in which the imported public holidays fall are displayed in the Already imported years section of the Settings dialog. However, please note that a year listed in this section doesn’t necessarily mean that all the public holidays for that year have been imported. Instead, only one public holiday is enough to warrant an entry for the year in which it falls. 

  1. Click OK in the Settings dialog to confirm your choices. 
Regions with different public holidays
If you have created multiple regions that have different public holidays, select a region and specify its holidays by repeating steps 4-6. 

Insert Imported Public Holidays into a Calendar

In order to insert imported public holidays into a staff or project calendar, you first need to assign a region to the corresponding staff member or project. To do this, go to the user or project properties and select a region.

  1. To open a project calendar, go to the Backstage menu of a project and select Project/ Project Calendar. However, to open a staff member’s calendar, go to the Backstage menu and select Project/ Project Staff Management; in the view that opens, open the context menu of a staff member and select the command Calendar. Alternatively, a staff member can configure their own staff calendars by going to the Backstage menu and selecting Settings/ Staff Calendar.
  2. Once the project or staff calendar is open, click on the Import Holidays button.
  1. In the Holidays entry dialog, select the public holidays you wish to import into the calendar. 
  2. Confirm your choices with OK.
    The selected public holidays are then inserted into the calendar and displayed in the color specified for them.

Specify Own Working Times

Alongside public holidays that have been imported via calendar files, you can also specify your own work schedule in calendars. This can include personal holidays, seminars and meetings. 

  1. Go to the Backstage menu of an organization and select Settings/ General Settings
  1. In the Availabilities tab, specify special working days (i.e. training days, conferences etc.) or days off (i.e. public holidays, company trips etc.). 
  2. In the Color drop-down menu, select a color scheme for each type of availability. The selected color is applied within calendars and is displayed as a dot in the list for Types of availability
  3. Specify whether the selected type is a working day or a non-working day. 
  1. Click OK to confirm your choices.

Create Appointments in a Calendar

Appointments can be created in a calendar either manually or by importing an *.ics file. However, please note that appointments created in a project calendar are not automatically shown in staff calendars too. 

  1. Open either a project calendar or staff calendar.
  2. Select the button Create New Appointment in the upper section of the calendar. 
  1. In the dialog Create Calendar Entry, specify the entry’s time frame in the From and To fields. 
  2. In the section for Kind, detail whether the entry is time worked or free time.
  3. If configured, specify the type of working or free time in the drop-down menu; i.e. seminar for working time or doctors appointment for free time.
  1. Click OK to confirm your choices

The event is inserted into the calendar as a colored bar entry. The color is determined by the configurations of the event type.