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Since the release of Version 8.0, objectiF RM has featured a live chat and video conferencing function, as well as the possibiltiy to screen share and data share within the tool. These new features can be configured in the Service Manager.

To open the Messenger, simply click on the chat button in the left-hand corner within the main view of the tool:

By default, you can use the chat function without the need for any further configurations. If you wish to make video conferences, however, you need to make the required configurations. This is done in the Service Manager of the Collaboration Server, as well as the SignalR Server.


Our new Messenger feature allows the user to have individual and group chats within the tool. By default, the feature is enabled with push notifications, so that the chatbox is updated for messages every minute. If you want messages to be received as soon as they are sent, you will need to set up the SignalR server.

Video conference

If you have a webcam on your computer, you can start and participate in video conferences.  You will, however, first have to set up the Collaboration server (Node.js) and the SignalR server in the Service Manager.