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Version 8.0 and higher

View for ‘Messenger’

Open the view:

  • By clicking on the Messenger icon.

The View

The view is divided into two parts. On the left-hand side, you can see existing chat groups. These can be individual and group chats. On the right-hand side, content from selected chats is displayed. Your own messages are displayed in green and those from other users are displayed in grey.


  This button creates a single chat with one other user. Choose the other user in the selection dialog.
  This button creates a group chat. You need to select at least one other user, which is done via the selection dialog.

This icon signifies a group chat. Its context menu contains commands to start a video conference, add or remove users, and to leave the group. This is the default icon, however, it can be changed in the chat’s editing dialog. 

This icon signifies a one-on-one chat. Its context menu contains commands to start a video conference and leave the chat. Within the icon are the initials of the other chat participant.
Unread messages are displayed in green. The number of unread messages is also displayed on the chat icon. As soon as the chat is selected, the text color of the message turns black again.
A green dot next to a chat icon signifies that at least one other chat participant is also logged in to the system. If you move the mouse over the icon, a tooltip displays which of the assigned users are logged in. To disable this option, go to the SignalR tab in the Service Manager and toggle the Show Online Status control.
This buttons starts a video conference. Once a video conference begins, the following icon is displayed in that chat’s listing:
  This button sends messages.
  This button creates a link to an element and send it as an attachment with the text message. Click the button and in the selection dialog that opens, choose the element you wish to share. To remove a link, click on the cross next to the element’s name.
This button allows you to expand and collapse the section for chat icons and names. When collapsed, only the chat icon is displayed. Click on the button again to expand it back out. 
(Version 8.2 and higher) This signifies that a chat is a system chat.
System messages are sent under the following conditions: if the My notifications command is activated in the context menu of an element, if actions such as Notify project members etc. are set in the state machine and/or if a new version is available for an element.