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Organizations and projects

Create, edit and delete organizations

Create organization

Open organization

Edit organization

Delete organization

Create, edit and delete project

Create project

Open project

Edit project

Delete project

Organization and project windows

Window “Topics”

Create topic

Create command for topic bar

Window “Glossary”

Open glossary

Create glossary entry

Edit glossary entry

Delete glossary entry

Import/ export glossary

Generate glossary in a document

Window “Guideline”

Create and open the guideline

Edit guideline

Window “Stereotypes”

Window “Settings”


Create pattern

Apply pattern

Using placeholder in a pattern

Administrative Tasks

Create and customize templates

Create a template based on a project/template

Import project template

Change project template and transfer to project

Configuration – replace placeholers with project-specific names


Create artifacts and artifact relationships

Create artifact with form

Properties dialog of an artifact form

Permissions and Functional Scopes

Defining access rights for users and project groups

Permissions for stereotypes

Permissions for context menu

Inherit permissions

Edit permissions

Form Designer

Create form

Define form template as standard

Create and assign custom properties

Select source properties

Create user-defined properties

Defining the default properties of a form

Further form settings

Define tooltip

Offer forms bilingually

Define help page for a form

Replace controls

Create state machine for a project

Displaying commands in the context menu

Create context menu commands for queries

Revision and Historie

Automatic revisions

Manual revisions

Show revisions

Compare revisions

Restore revisions

Export revisions

Data exchange with external systems

Import from MS Word

Import from MS Excel

Jira – Import and export requirements

Add configuration

Import issues

Export requirements

Possible messages during import/export

Import and export of ReqIF files

Import requirements

Export requirements

Create specification

Save relationships between requriements

Import from MS Word

Import from MS Excel

Exchange data via REST API

System development

Design architecture

Implement code

Create code file

Assign code directory to a block

Assign code directory to an operation

Edit code file

Check in Code file

Create reviews and review elements

Create a review

Review an element

Record a review comment

Repeat a review

Show review comments

Notify a reviewer via e-mail

Review rules