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An interface specifies operations and signals that are used or implemented by blocks.

Create interface

You can enter interfaces manually using a dialog or model them in a block diagram. You can recognize an interface in the system by this icon:


The stereotype of interfaces is <<BlockInterface>>. You need the stereotype when you create document templates, queries, forms, or search for an interface in the tool. In the Stereotypes window you will find the stereotype BlockInterface under DomainElement. The stereotype contains the sub stereotype External BlockInterface. You can create additional sub stereotypes or user-defined properties. Properties do not have to be created separately for each sub-stereotype, since the properties are passed on from the main stereotype.

Context menu commands

With the context menu commands, you can edit interfaces, share them, create revisions, and much more. The following shortcut menu commands are available for interfaces:


Opens the editing dialog in write mode.

Change State

Allows a interfac to change state without opening the editing dialog.


Creates another interface to the interface.

Show Diagrams

Opens a selection dialog where all diagrams containing the interface are displayed. If you select a diagram and click OK, the diagram opens.


Deletes the interface from the project. The action cannot be undone.