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Within organizations and projects you can create different queries or adapt existing ones to your needs. Use queries to retrieve specific information and data. You can narrow down the result list of a query further using filters or export it directly into an MS Excel/Word document.

Queries within an organization

objectiF RM returns the following queries by default: 

  • Directories with files (shows directories and files hierarchically)
  • Staff members with projects (displays the projects to which an user is assigned)
Queries within a project

For projects, many different query types are provided by default, via which you can send queries to:

  • Requirements (List requirements, requirements with refinements, test cases, personas, stakeholders etc.)
  • Use Cases (List use cases, use cases with other use cases, test cases, requirements, actors, activity diagrams etc.)
  • Blocks (List blocks, blocks with interfaces, ports)
  • Packages (Packages with requirements, referenced requirements and use cases)
  • Personas (Personas with scenarios)
  • Reviews (Reviewlist, Review to requirements, use caes, documents, element groups)
  • Risks (List risks, risks with requirements)
  • Stakeholder (Stakeholderlist, Stakeholder with requirements, goals and other stakeholders)
  • Test Cases (List test cases, test cases with requirements, use cases)
  • Tests (Tests with requirements, bugs, test cases and tes set executions)
  • Goals (Goal list, Goals with requirements)