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Additional views

Backlog views

Use the views to clearly display the existing requirements in a package, to refine requirements, or to add new ones.


​For communication with management, decision-relevant information and current key figures are required at various planning levels – for example, for an entire project or a single release. To be able to draw conclusions about the status and progress of the work, we recommend that you compile the desired information and key figures in dashboards. The dashboards then show you at a glance, but from different perspectives, how your project “is doing”.

Kanban Boards

objectiF RPM offers you two types of views, which are based on the Kanban Board. With the help of the “Kanban Board for Activities”, you can see and organize all requirements which are assigned to a Sprint, Release or Team. The view is divided into columns that represent the states that the requirements go through until they are implemented. You can also create a kanban board which displays other project objects, such as test cases.