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Set up MS SQL manager

The recommended version of objectiF RM goes from the express version to the standard edition, depending on the number of users and the size of your project.

Use the SQL manager to

SQL Server – Change level of compatibility

Databases that are created with SQL Server 2008 can be imported into the SQL Server 2012. Databases created in SQL server 2008 work with a standard degree of compatibility of 100. Set the standard degree of compatibility in SQL Server 2012 from 110 to 100.

The degree of compatibility does not have an effect on the whole server, it only affects the relationship to the database entered. The degree of compatibility doesn’t offer upwards compatibility to SQL Server 2008.

Use the compatibility degree as ongoing migration assistance to deal with version-related differences in the system behavior that are each controlled via the compatibility degree settings. Use the OLD DATABASE introduction to change the compatibility degree to 100. The new compatibility settings for a database come into effect when the database is updated the next time.