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Revision and History

In a project, it is important to know who changed what, when and when, and you can keep track of the current status of almost any element, artifact, diagram, or imported document through a revision. With this history, changes can be tracked at any time. You can create revisions, compare them and reset them if necessary. Revisions are created manually or automatically.

Automatic revisions

Automatic revisions are generated at creation and each change of state. You can also create a task to always drag a revision at a specific time.

Manual revisions

If you want to make major changes to a dropped file or item, create a revision first. In the context menu of each item, you will find the Edit Revisions/Create Revisions command.

In the description field, specify why you want to create this revision. This gives you the opportunity to return to an older state of a file, defined in terms of content and not only marked by the creation date, if you want to discard your changes afterwards.

Show revisions

You can get to the existing revisions via the context menu command Edit Revision/ History.

Compare revisions

If you regularly create revisions, you can find out at any time who changed what and when. To see what has changed about an item in the meantime, you can use the Compare context menu command. To do this, select a current version and another version, or select two older versions.

Restore revisions

If you determine that an older version must be restored, select the revision and choose the context menu command Restore. When restoring, the current state of the item is replaced by the revision’s state.

Export revisions

You can save a revision as a sxmi.file using the Export context menu command.