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Create new domain backlog

Backlog views make it easy to create, prioritize, and move requirements, use cases, and their references to another package.

Creating new backlog view

If you work with several product backlogs, you can create corresponding views.

  1. From the context menu of a package, choose the command Create other/ View.

  2. First, define the type of view. Depending on which backlog type you require, you can choose between Domain Backlog, Requirements backlog and Requirements scheduling.

  3. Give the view a name.

  4. Under Planning context, specify which packages are to be evaluated in the view. Select the folder that contains the requirements. In the next step, define the contents of the view.

  5. Click on the Package entry and determine which properties are to be displayed for which element.
    Select Requirement(Requirements) if you want the view to display requirement. Then click the plus button on the right to add the required properties. (for example, the icon and the name of the current status of the requirement) Each property assigned in this way defines a column in the view.

  1. You can change the individual column headings by entering a name in the Column name field or overwriting an existing name.
  1. Change the order of the columns by dragging and dropping the properties to the desired position.
  2. If you also want to display requirement references in the view, select the entry Referenced requirement(requirement references) under Package and repeat steps 5-7 for the requirement references. The same applies to use cases and their references.
The package may contain requirements, use cases and their references.
  1. You can also define various property filters on the Filter tab.
  2. Then click OK.
Connecting backlog views with other views

You can create further backlog views and connect them with each other. This has the advantage that you can navigate back and forth between packages without having to click through the package hierarchy in the Products window. The first backlog view is the domain backlog.

  1. Open a view of type Domain Backlog.
  2. Switch to the Context Elements tab, use the plus button to select the package to which you want to move the requirements. You can also add other packages using the plus button. Several packages are displayed one below the other.
  3. Create an additional view of type Requirements backlog.
  4. On the Context Elements tab, under Backlogs on the left, select the package that you specified in the domain backlog view using the plus button. Under Target Backlogs, specify the package to which the requirements are to be moved further.
  5. Save the second view.