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View “Domain backlog”

A project often combines several departments or areas that you can map in objectiF RM with the help of “domains”. Each project has at least one domain backlog of its own. Requirements (requirements, features, epics, etc.), slices or use cases that you need to achieve the project goal are collected in a backlog. As a requirements engineer, you are responsible for filling the backlog to create the basis for team and sprint planning.

The Domain backlog view shows these requirements and you can use them to edit the requirements, refine them, change the state or prioritize the requirements by ranking them.

You see:

  • what requirements are in a backlog
  • Which requirements are related to each other
  • how high is the total workload of the requirements in a backlog

You can:

  • Drag and drop requirements to another backlog or create references
  • Grouping and sorting requirements
  • Edit, derive, refine requirements,
  • Create new requirements
  • Navigate to other views
The view

The domain backlog view displays all requirements that are in a package. By default, the name, rank, state, and description are displayed for each requirement. Change the state, prioritize or refine it. Get a better overview by filtering or grouping requirements by specific criteria using the buttons at the top right.

If you are working with use cases, you can only move them up to the release backlog. Reason for this: Use cases cannot be scheduled in activities. They must be sliced at the latest when the conversion takes place.
Good to know
By default, this view displays all requirements from the package Requirement Definition of domain/ Requirements or Use cases.