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Create state machine for a project

If you want to see the status of a project in the userboard, you have to configure a state machine. Switch to the Administration user profile.

  1. Open the Settings window from the project tab by clicking on the eye.
open view via eye
  1. In the Settings view, select the State Machines package and choose Create diagram/ State machines from the context menu.
create new state machine
  1. In the Create State Machine dialog give the state machine a name (e.g. …project).
  2. Switch to the Stereotypes tab.
  3. Use the plus button to select the Project stereotype from the list in the subsequent dialog.
select stereotype project
  1. Select the Events tab and define different states under Assigned Events by clicking the green plus button. Double-click the “New Event” entry to enter a name.
define events for state machine
  1. Then select the default event under Default Event and confirm with OK.

In the second step you create the states and transitions in a state diagram.