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The “Mailbox”

If you have configured the mailbox for your project, all incoming e-mails from the specified mailbox are listed in this window.

You call the mailbox as follows:

  • within a project via the backstage menu with the command Mails/ Open mailbox
The view


On the left side all mails from the specified mailbox are listed. Unread e-mails are marked black, read e-mails grey. As soon as you click on an e-mail, the content, sender and date are displayed to the right of it. You can use the Derive Element button to copy the contents of an e-mail to a request. You cannot delete any e-mails in this view.

  Updates the mailbox
You can use the Search field to filter for emails that come from a specific person or that contain a specific word in the subject line.
If you use the full-text search, we recommend that you recreate the search indexes so that e-mails are also included in the search.