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Derive requirements

A goal is not a requirement and is usually too imprecise or too complex to implement. But you can derive requirements on the basis of goals or use cases.

Derive requirements 

If you have already created goals, use cases, or requirements in the project, you can derive requirements using a context menu command in the Products window. When you execute the command, a dialog opens in which you specify the storage location of the requirement.

Goal Use the context menu of a goal to choose Derive Requirements.

Requirement From the context menu of a requirement, choose Requirement/ Derive.

Use Case From the context menu of an use case, choose Derive Requirements.

Derive requirements of a package (from version 6.2)

If you want to derive not only individual requirements, but all requirements at once, use the context menu command Requirement/ Derive Requirements on a package.

You use this command to derive all the requirements of the package into a package of your choice. If there are other packages with requirements in the selected package, these requirements are also derived, including the package hierarchy.

Derive requirements in queries

If you are working in queries or views, you can derive requirements directly using a context menu command. In some queries, you can also use drag and drop to derive requirements. You can find the derived requirements in the requirements dialog on the tab Derivation /Derived Requirements.

Goal list From the context menu of a goal, choose Derive Requirements.

Requirement list From the context menu of a requirement, choose Requirement/ Derive.

Use Case List From the context menu of an application case, choose Derive Requirements.  

Instead, use Drag & Drop. For goals and use cases, confirm the subsequent dialog with Yes. If you use Drag & Drop for requirements, choose Create derive relationship.

Derive requirements from e-mail

You can also derive a requirement from an e-mail. The requirement dialog opens and the contents of the e-mail are transferred to the Description tab, the subject is entered in the Name field and attachments are added to the Attachments tab. In the Derivation/ E-mails tab you can see from which e-mail the requirement was derived.

Derive requirements in diagrams

If you are in a goal diagram, use case diagram, or requirement diagram, select the derivation relationship from the toolbar and create a Derive relationship between a requirement and a goal, use case, or requirement.

Alternatively, you can derive a requirement by drag and drop a requirement onto a goal, use case, or requirement.