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Document management

In objectiF RPM, you can centrally manage, version and edit documents. You can include external documents in the project, edit them by checking them in and out, or link them to other project elements. External documents are not stored in packages, but in directories.

Documents and document templates are available for the project content, which you can create according to your own specifications and fill with project content in order to version them or share them with customers and other departments.

Access Rights

So that not everyone in the project can create, edit or delete documents, you as the project administrator define in just a few mouse clicks who can create and edit new documents and how documents should be versioned. You can restrict the authorizations to employee groups and individual users.


You can version all documents at any time using Revision/Create Revision. If a new revision is created for an existing document, you can revert to earlier versions at any time. We recommend that you record the editing status, especially for large changes. You can also control revisions using a state machine. Simply define for a state change that a revision should be created as soon as the state occurs. Or use a task to ensure that a revision is always created at a certain point in time.


Documents must be checked regularly during the course of a project. You can use reviews to have a document checked by a person responsible or a group, so that dependent elements can be released for editing. Using special views, you can display all reviews, as well as reviews for specific elements or reviews that are assigned to the logged on user.


You can use the Publish command to save the document locally as a pdf or MS Word document.

Notify Staff Members

If, for example, a reviewer is to release a document, you can inform him of this by e-mail. You configure the mail server for the service in the Service Manager and activate e-mail notification in the status machine for reviews.