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Project planning

 A project’s scope, costs and deadlines are the values that a project manager must keep in mind. Depending on how a project is to be implemented, you can plan a project in objectiF RPM in the classic way (in phases and with work packages) or agile (in releases and sprints) or hybrid (by combining both approaches).


You can use the following individual plans for project planning:

  • Project plan as gantt chart: Clear display of all activities with dependencies
  • Activity plan as gantt chart: Reduces the project to individual activities, e.g. release
  • Activities with scheduled requirements: Displays requirements assigned to an activity.
  • Activities with staff assignment: Shows the assigned employees and groups for individual activities and whether the employees are being utilized at or over capacity.
  • Activities with input/output: Display of activities and their inputs and outputs.
  • Requirements hierarchy with activities: Displays the package hierarchy of requirements and the activity that implements the requirements.
  • Staff members with activity allocation: Clear display of employees and the activities to which they are assigned.
  • Project plan with staff utilization: Project plan with integrated employee utilization view
  • Time recording: View where employees can record their working times.