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Plan project

Once you have the kick-off meeting behind you, it’s time to start planning the project. The aim of project planning is to plan tasks in such a way that the order of implementation is clear and the time frame can be kept. The scope of work is determined from the set goals; tasks are defined and distributed to the appropriate users.

Create and edit activities

The duration of an activity is determined on the basis of the estimated expense and the allocated employees. Activities can be linear or parallel. You can simplify this work if you define operations, such as creating releases or sprints, in a template so that you can use them again in the corresponding phases. However, you can also create activities without patterns.

Views and queries 

If you want to know at a glance which activities follow each other, which requirements are realized by which activities, or which activities are on the critical path, use views. The objectiF RPM project templates contain views for activities and their relationships by default. You can find them in the Products window in the package Analyses/ Views. You can create new views or modify the existing views by hiding columns or showing additional columns, or by changing the order of the columns and the column headers.

Assign users

Once the activities have been determined, the necessary users can now be planned. In the editing dialog of an activity, all necessary resources required for the conversion are scheduled. By default, you will find the entry for Unspecified Staff here. You can replace this unspecified staff with a concrete user or work with project groups for the time being if you have not yet defined any persons. As soon as the team is complete, you can replace the project group(s) with concrete users.

Define milestones – inputs and outputs of activities

Projects that run over a longer period of time are often divided into different phases, the end of which is marked by a milestone. The purpose of a milestone is to request intermediate results to see how the project is progressing.