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Project deliverables

When you face the task of managing a project, you must meet deadlines, keep costs in mind, and deliver results. Results can be delivered, for example, by implementing requirements that are then tested and documented.

Define interim results

Milestones are defined to check whether a result is available. Achieving milestones means adhering to the schedule. Therefore, there are several milestones in each project that are used to measure whether the end date of the project can be met. The roadmap shows the milestones of all projects on a time axis and provides a good overview of the overall progress.

Control costs

Costs are an important component and have to be reviewed regularly to ensure that they do not become immeasurable. For each project, you can enter a budget and other additional costs. In a view, you can then regularly compare the actual costs with the planned costs from the budget plan.

Monitor project progress

To be able to judge how the project is going, the costs must be compared with the completion. Do the costs incurred correspond to the services rendered, or have more costs been incurred – so that additional costs still have to be reckoned with? With the Earned Value Analysis you always see the current development status and have an overview of the plan and actual values of your project.

Document deliverables

You can generate the project results or individual intermediate results in ready-made documents and then send them by e-mail to the customer or superior.