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Create and open the guideline

You do not need to create a guide for an organization or project, since it is initially part of every project and every organization. All you have to do is fill the guide with content.

Create a guideline
Initially, the guide is empty.
  • Within an organization, go to the backstage menu and choose Edit Organization/ Guideline.
  • Within a project, go to the backstage menu and choose Edit Project/ Guideline.

Fill the guide with text, images or links to websites and project elements.

Open the guideline

If you have filled the guideline with content, it can be called up within a project/organization via the eye with the command Show Guideline. The guide opens on the left side of the screen. You can close it, hide it or set the window position using the buttons at the top right.

A click on the title opens the chapter.

A click on the button closes all open chapters, so that you only see the chapter headings.

These two buttons allow you to navigate through the individual chapters.