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Use actors if a persona seems too complex to you. An actor stands for a person or an external system that interacts with a system.

Create actor

You can enter actors manually using a dialog or model them in a diagram. You can recognize an actor in the system by this icon:


The stereotype of actor is <<Actor>>. You need the stereotype when you create document templates, queries, forms, or search for an actor in the tool. In the Stereotypes window, you can find the stereotype Actor at the top level under A. The stereotype contains the substereotypes PrimaryActor, SecondaryActor, and System. You can create additional sub stereotypes or user-defined properties. Properties do not have to be created separately for each sub stereotype, since the properties are inherited from the main stereotype.

Context menu commands

Context menu commands allow you to edit, share, create revisions, and more. The following shortcut menu commands are available for actors:

Edit| Edit Actor 

Öffnet den Bearbeitungsdialog im Schreib-Modus.

Apply Pattern

Shows all patterns that can be applied to an actor. Green icons indicate that the pattern is particularly suitable.

Pattern Catalog | Pattern Catalog for Actors

Opens the pattern catalog, which you can use to find out about all existing patterns.


Allows the actor to be sent by link, e-mail or hyperlink.

Show Diagrams

Opens a selection dialog where all diagrams containing the actor are displayed. If you select a diagram and click OK, the diagram opens.

Execute Extensions

If you have created extensions for actors, you can select and execute them here.

Edit Revision

Allows you to create a revision. You can also use it to call up, compare, and trace the history of an actor.

Delete | Delete Actor

Deletes the actor from the project. The action cannot be undone.