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Import in-STEP BLUE data to objectiF RM

If you use objectiF RM as well as in-STEP BLUE, you can import data, such as requirements, into an objectiF RM project.

What you should note before importing

The following data is transferred:

  • all directories, all files, and all forms (or a subcategory thereof) with the in-STEP BLUE category REQUIREMENTS SPECIFICATION
  • States, descriptions, plants are taken over (if assigned
  • Basic requirements, derived requirements and plants are taken over
  • Properties in the Other Properties tab are transferred or added.

The following data is not transferred:

  • References between products are not accepted. (except attachments)
  • test cases
  • Formatted texts are transferred without formatting. A corresponding warning is given in the log file.

The following data structure is created:

  • for each in-STEP BLUE directory a package with the name of the in-STEP BLUE directory is created in objectiF RM
  • for each directory that contains individual files, an additional directory with the name Files is created and the individual files are stored there.
  • Forms are created directly in the Requirement stereotype Requirement packages if you had the corresponding category in in-STEP BLUE.
  • if another category was defined in in-STEP BLUE under REQUIREMENTS SPECIFICATION, this category is created as a stereotype in objectiF RM if it does not already exist.
  • if forms contain properties that do not yet exist in objectiF RM stereotypes, they are automatically added to the stereotypes so that the property values can be transferred.
Import in-STEP BLUE data to objectiF RM

Example of a data structure in in-STEP BLUE. At the top level, you see the System Virtual Guide. Below it there are several folders with contents and two individual documents. This data is to be imported.

  1. Open a project and choose in the backstage menu the command Project/ Import/ Import projects from in-STEP BLUE.
  1. Enter the logon data for the in-STEP BLUE system in the subsequent dialog so that objectiF RM can connect to the system. (The entries refer to the Oracle server with which you access the  in-STEP BLUE database.)
  1. Click Connect. Now it is possible to select the project to be imported.
  2. Select the project to be imported from the drop-down menu.
  3. Make sure that you have performed a current data backup of your objectiF RM data before the import. Then select the check box Database backup created? to enable the import process.
  4. Click Import to start the import process. The process ends with a message. The requirements, directories and files are included in the product hierarchy.
Possible messages
Good to know
The log file for objectiF RPM is located in the server directory: c:\ProgramData\microTOOL\objectiFRM\x.x\Logs. The name of the log files also contains the names of the endpoints.

The import of the data was successfully completed.

The import was completed, but not all elements could be imported.

The import could not be completed, is faulty or was canceled.