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Version 8.1 and later

Start Direct Chat About Element

Start Chats About Project Elements

All elements in the Products window have the context menu command Start Chat/ Start Chat with Creator. With this command you have the ability to contact the creator of a selected element directly through the messenger feature of objectiF RM. In the Start chat dialog, you are given the option of changing the name of the chat from its default name, which it derives from the element in question. Use the Plus button to assign other project members to the chat. Press OK to begin the chat.

If you need to make any changes to the chat configurations or add other project members after having already started the chat, this can be done in the messenger.

Start Chats About Requirements and Reviews

Some project elements, specifically requirements and reviews, have an extra context menu command in the Start Chat menu, which is Start Chat with User. This extra command is available when collegues or project members have already been assigned to the selected requirement or review.