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Create, edit and delete staff

Once you have created users, you can add them to various organizations and store additional user information. You can also create staff members within the organization, who are then only available to the organization and the corresponding projects in which they were created.

Create staff

If you create new users within an organization as an administrator, they are only available to the organizations in which they are created.

  1. In the backstage menu, click on the menu command Organization/ Staff Management.
  1. Click the plus button in the view to create a new user. Alternatively, from the User Management view, you can add a user to the view by clicking the first blue button. Or you can load a user from the Active Directory into the view by clicking on the second blue button.
Organization staff view
  1. In the editing dialog for an user, enter the user data on the right-hand side under Details. You can make further entries for the user on the Further Properties tab page.
Staff dialog
  1. Then click OK to create the user.

Edit staff

You can change the name and login data of an employee and determine whether he or she is given additional rights. In addition, the dialog offers further information about the project affiliation or whether other projects require the support of the employee. Under Further properties you can enter an e-mail address, the employee’s hourly rate and the path to the working directory.

  • Select the user in the view.
  • Click Edit in the context menu.

Assign staff to a project

You can distribute the staff of an organization directly to several projects.

  1. Select the user in the view.
  2. Click Assign Projects in the shortcut menu.

In the subsequent dialog, the hierarchical representation of which organization there is and which projects hang among the respective organizations is shown. The organization in which you are is marked with a blue frame. Note that the project templates are also listed in this dialog. You should not assign any users to them, since they are also created when you create a new project.

  1. Select a project. Multiple selection is possible.
  2. Click OK to confirm the assignment.