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Dialog “Create Staff member”

For a user to be able to log on to a project, it must first be made available as an employee in the higher-level organization.

The dialog can be opened:

  • within an organization in the Edit Organisation Staff view by clicking the Plus button

The dialog

Dialog: staff member

Full name Enter the first and last name of the user here.

Initials (from version 6.3) Here you can enter initials that are used, for example, in the Kanban Board if you display the information “User” there. Only 2 letters are allowed.

Username Enter a user name here. Please note that you must precede the domain name with the Windows authentication, e.g. MYDOMAIN\John.Smith.

Authentication method Select the method with which the user can log on here. As soon as you select User with password, the dialog is extended by the two input fields Password and Verify password.

Password Enter the password for the login here. The entry of a password is only necessary for users with a password.

Verify password Repeat the password entered above. If both match and all other information is correct, the OK button is released.

Region If created, you can see the region that was assigned to the employee here.

Organization Administrator Select the check box if the employee is to have administrator rights. Organization administrators have far-reaching rights over other employees. An organization administrator can enter new users, edit user data, delete users, and so on.

Tab “Projects”

Displays the projects in which the employee is involved or assigned.

Tab “Staff Pools”

Displays all resource pools to which the employee is assigned.

Tab “Costs”

Hourly rates

Click on the plus button to create a new hourly rate. If you want to remove hourly rates again, select the hourly rate and click on the Delete button.

A warning triangle before the date indicates that hourly rates overlap. Correct the periods accordingly.

For time interval

From/ To Enter the date for an hourly rate here. Click on the arrow button to select the desired date from the displayed calendar. If you click on the blue button resets the date to the original value.

Internal rate / External rate Here you can specify up to two hourly rates for the project employee.

Tab “Files”

Here you can define a default path for the employee. This is used if the employee uses the context menu commands Check out or Check in on external files.

Tab “Export/ Import Permissions”

Here you can define which import and export permissions you want to allow for the employee. Select or deselect the relevant checkboxes.

Tab “Further Properties”

Here you define the storage path of the employee.

OK Saves the data.