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Design architecture

The lifecycle of a system is essentially determined by its architecture. In order to make architecture decisions visible and comprehensible, objectiF RPM offers UML/SysML diagrams for aspects data, functions, behavior and interaction.

Architecture should be designed before the architecture is implemented. This allows you to analyze the extent to which the existing requirements can be implemented smoothly even before the implementation phase. Another advantage is that you can identify the features you need in a timely manner.

objectiF RPM assumes that the architecture is designed parallel to the requirements. Diagrams such as block diagrams, classes, package diagrams and activity diagrams are available for this purpose. You can use these diagram types to represent different aspects of the architecture.

The architecture of a system consists of several components. Each component is represented as a package, which is usually structured hierarchically. If you develop model-driven software, you can use blocks to model systems and generate code from them.