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The view “Activities with input/output”

This view displays activities with their inputs and outputs. Inputs are conditions and prerequisites that are required for carrying out an activity. Outputs are conditions that must be fulfilled in order to complete an activity. Inputs and outputs are usually documents, but can be all other project objects except for activities.

Inputs and outputs are highlighted in yellow in this view and are added via the context menu of the activity on the Inputs/Outputs tab using the Plus button.

The view

Input and output are marked yellow in this view. The package Goals and Context contains relevant informatiion on the execution of the activity Define project.


Activities can be edited via the context menu. The following options are available:

Edit Activity Edit the activity here. Use the tab Input/output to edit the activity or to add elements using the Plus Button.

Change State You can edit the state of the activity here.

Create Activities Create new acitivites here.

Delete Activity Deletes the activity.


Edit input and output via the context menu. The following options are available:

Create view

You create the view using the context menu of a package with the command Create other/ View. Under View Type, select Activities with Input/Output and enter an activity under Context element. If you want to create the view for the project, select the top activity. Then define the columns that are to be displayed in the view. Under View Configuration, click Activity to display additional columns for the context activity or Input/Output (Child Input/Output) to display additional columns for the inputs or output.


 Activities name Name
 Timestamp Timestamp (UTF-timestamp)
 Stereotype Stereotype/Name
 State icon Current state(State)/Icon
 State Current state(State)/Name

Inputs/ Outputs

 Inputs/ Outputs name Element(Element)/Name
 Direction of inputs/ Outputs Incoming
 Timestamp Timestamp (UTF-timestamp)
 Stereotype Stereotype(Stereotype)/Name
State icon Current state(State)/Icon
 State Current state(State)/Name