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Dialog “Edit Chart”

Charts can make up multiple components of a dashboard.

The dialog can be opened:

  • Open a dashboard. Activate the editing mode of the dashboard and then click the Plus button within a group. Choose Create new Chart.
The dialog

Chart kind You can use the drop down menu to determine a diagram type:

  • Requirements by state
  • Burn-Up
  • Burn-Down
  • Culmulative Flow Diagram
  • Earned value analysis
  • Performance
  • Project resource workload
  • Velocity

Name The name of the diagram type will be set in here by default. You can change this name.

Context element Enter the activity or a view that should be evaluated using the […] button.

To add the views Staff Workload or Cumulative Flow Diagram, please make sure that these views have already been created.

Show axis You can hide or show the names of the y and x axis using this control box. It is checked by default.

Save and create a new Element Mark this checkbox if you want to add multiple indicators after one another diagrams can make up multiple components of a dashboard.