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Diagram “Cumulative Flow Diagram”

The Cumulative Flow Diagram gives you a quick overview of the processing status of your requirements. The individual states are grouped into the following four areas – Done, in Verfication, in Realization, in Backlog – which in turn are represented by four lines. The lines show how many requirements there are in each area and how long it takes for the requirements to be implemented or reviewed.

When you create a Cumulative Flow Diagram and open it for the first time, a data point is created – indicated by the current date. A data point stores the “current” states of the requirements per day and displays them using lines. We therefore recommend that you use the Calculate Cumulative Flow Diagram task because it creates the daily data points for you.

If you want to display a Cumulative Flow Diagram in a dashboard, you must first create a Cumulative Flow Diagram in the project. To do this, select the context menu command Create other/Cumulative Flow Diagram.

You create the analysis in the dashboard

  • within a group by clicking on the plus button, selecting Create new Chart and selecting Cumulative Flow Diagram under Chart kind in the dialog that opens.