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Create and assign regions

Regions can be specified within an organization, a project and for individual employees. If public holidays have already been imported for the selected region, these are automatically transferred to the calendars. The region determines the language in which e-mails from objectiF RPM are sent.

The selection of a region occurs in the following dialogs:

  • in the backstage menu of an organization under Organization/ Properties
  • in the backstage menu of a project under Project/ Properties
  • In the view Edit organization staff using the editing dialog for an user
Create region
  • You create regions within an organization using the backstage menu Settings/General settings.
  • In the following dialog, click on the plus button in the Regions & Holidays tab and enter a name in the field. (Regions can be federal states or branch offices.)
Assign region

If you have created one or more regions, you can assign them to a project, an organization, and an employee. To do this, go to the respective editing dialogs and select a region from the dropdown menu.