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The Backstage menu is your access to organization- and project-specific settings. It provides you with information that is relevant for the respective system. The content of the backstage area depends on which level – organizational or project level, or neither – you are at. You can always switch to the backstage view using this button:

open backstage menu
From the userboard, you can:
From the organization, you can:
From the project, you can:
  • Create organizations and projects
  • Edit project properties (project information that is displayed in the userboard via the tile.)
  • Export project / parts of project
  • Import project / parts of other project
  • Edit project user
  • Define rights
  • Configure Task manager
  • Configure mailbox
  • Import/ Export from other systems (Jira, ReqIF, etc.)
  • Create and edit project guideline
  • Import requirements from in-STEP BLUE
  • Delete project

Depending on whether you open the backstage menu from an organization, a project or the userboard, you will have different access to additional menu items. These allow you to export organizations / projects, configure them or create users.

Some settings require administration rights.