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Navigating in the project

For questions such as: In which package is an element stored? Which elements is it related to? In which diagrams is an element contained? There are various options for quickly navigating to a particular element or diagram.

Go to

The Go to command allows you to quickly navigate to an element and its context. The command has a submenu with menu items for all element types that may be related to the current element. This opens a special window in which all concrete elements of the selected element type including their package affiliation are displayed.

Show Definition

If you want to know where in the package hierarchy an element is defined, use the context menu command Go to/ Show Definition. For example, if you are in the requirements diagram, you can display the storage location of a requirement. The element for which the command was executed is highlighted in a separate window.

Show Diagrams

If you want to in which diagram an element is contained, use the Show diagrams command. The command opens a dialog that lists all diagrams in which the element appears. You can open all displayed diagrams directly from the dialog. In diagrams, the command is Show diagrams with [Element type]. The commands Show Definition and Show Diagrams can also be found in the property dialog of elements.

Context menu commands in queries

If you are in queries, context-related menu commands are available for each element. Here you can derive test cases for requirements and with the Show Diagrams command you can see where the element is modeled or set the state. For queries, you can define additional commands that are to be displayed in addition to the standard commands. It is also possible to hide commands.