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Launch service and log in to client

Launching service

Before you can connect with the client, the service must be launched in the service manager. If the service is yellow, click on the Arrow button to launch it.

start a service
Each service that you launch requires a server licence. If you, for example, have two server licences and create three web services, then only two of them can be launched. To start a third service, end a current service. This ensures that you have enough server licences.

If the service is green, then the service has already connected to the database.

service running

Highlight the server address and copy it to the clipboard with CTRL + C. Launch or change to the objectiF RM client.

Launching objectiF RM

Launch objectiF RM via the Windows Start button.

launch objectiF RM via windows start button

objectiF RM starts…

objectif RM splash screeen

… and opens login screen.

If you are doing so for the first time, click on Continue without registration or Send and connect to service

Connect objectiF RM to a created service

In the login screen Connect with service, create a connection between the client and database. The service address of the service created is required for this. If you don’t know the server address, ask your system administrator. If you created the service in the Service Manager, paste the link copied from the login screen of the client under Login credentials.

service running
  • On the right side under Login credentials, enter the service address copied from the link in the service manager under Serviceaddress.
enter a servcie adress

If there are already endpoints to other databases or systems, click on the Plus button under Connect to Service and then enter the service address as described above.

  • Select how you want to log in.

Logging in to the desktop client/ web client

Logging in depends on which authentication has been configured for the service in the Service Manager.  The option for Windows login is activated by default.

Windows login
  • Select Windows credentials if you want to log in with your Windows account. The Windows login data of the user currently logged on to the computer is then used when logging in.
  • Click on Connect.
User login

Before your employees can log in with a user name, the user login must be configured in the Service Manager for the service and the users must be created as users in objectiF RM.

  • Deactivate the Windows credentials option.
  • Enter your user name and password in the User name and Password fields.
  • The default login for the user login is:
    User name: Administrator
    Password: Admin
  • Click on Connect.
Login with username and password