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View “Edit Organization Staff”

In order for staff members to login to a project they have to be registered as members of the superordinate organization.

The viewr can be opened:

  • in backstage view via Organization/ Staff Management
The view

Name Enter the first and last name of the user here.

Login Enter a user name here. Please note that you must precede the domain name with the Windows authentication, e.g. MYDOMAIN\John.Smith.

Region If specified, the region of the respective employee is displayed here.

You have the following options in the view:

Adds one or more created users via a selection dialog.
  Opens a dialog in which all created users of a domain are displayed. The users from an Active Directory (domain) of an organization are added via a selection dialog. You can also import employees from the Active Directory into a system via a task. Existing users are updated when additional employees are imported from the Active Directory into the view.
  Creates a new employee.
  Updates the view after changes are made.
  The filter can be used to filter and display certain employees.

The following commands are offered via the context menu of an employee:

 Edit This opens the properties dialog of the employee.
 Move Use this to move the employee to another organization. The employee disappears from view.
General Availability Opens the “General Availability” dialog. Here you can enter information on availability, general and daily working times of an employee.
Assign Projects Use this to move the employee to another project.
Calendar Opens the employee’s calendar.
Remove Removes an employee from the view. The employee is not deleted.