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Configuring the Search

When a project is filled up with requirements, test cases, and architecture descriptions, it becomes increasingly difficult to access relevant information quickly. The search function can help. Before you can use it in objectiF RPM, you must configure it for the client.

Requirements for the search

Depending on which SQL server version you are using, you’ll either need to activate the full text search or update or extend the SQL server version to do so. If you also want to search in documents, you must also download and install the appropriate filters. Further information can be found in the document objectiF RPM – FullText Search Manager.pdf.

If you’ve activated the search in the SQL server, the next step is to use the Search Manager to determine for which project (database) the search should be available later. You’ll also need to configure in the Search Manager whether and how often new indexes should be created.

After the server installation, the Search Manager is available to you via the Windows Start button/ microTOOL objectiF RPM Server.

After you have configured the search for a specific database, the search function appears in the project in the form of a magnifying glass next to the project tab.