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Form Designer

The form designer is an integral part of the application. It launches when the Open checkbox is marked when creating a new form. If you want to edit the form with the form designer, you can call up the form designer with the command Design in the context menu of the form. Alternatively, you can double click on the form.

Form designer interface

The form designer opens in the middle of the screen by default and is divided into three areas.

Form designer with form "Risk"


The toolbox is located on the left side. Here you can put different control elements like text fields, tabs, buttons, control boxes or drop down menus into the form.

All controls This area displays all (stereotype-related) controls that are available in the Form Designer.

Common Here you will find the controls that are most frequently used in a form.

Relationships Here you will find controls to which you assign relationships rather than properties.

Arrangement Here you will find controls that can be used to design the layout in a form.

Context specific Here you will find controls that are only available for certain stereotypes. For example, the TestSteps control is only available if you have created the form for test cases.

Form Designer for […]

In the middle, the form will be opened. In the top area you can see the buttons with which you can, for example, delete the control elements, undo or redo your actions or influence the wrapping of control elements.


As soon as a control element is placed, the properties will open on the right side. There you can define the titles, contents or insert pictures and customize the fonts, sizes and alignments.

The following buttons can be used in the form designer:

Shows or hides the technical name of the selected source property.

With this button, you can place a control directly beneath another control. The width of this control will then adjust to the width of the control above.

Groups control elements in a group. You can see which elements belong to which group in the blue frame. You can also use the button to group elements from different groups together. Alternatively you can also use the shortcut Control+G.
Undo actions. Alternatively you can also use the shortcut Control+Z.
Repeat actions. Alternatively you can also use the shortcut Control+Y.
Delete a control element from the form. Select the control element in the form and click this button. Alternatively you can also use the delete button.