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A port defines an interaction point through which a block offers or demands services via interfaces.

Create ports

You can enter ports manually using a dialog or model them in a block diagram. There are various ports that you can recognize in the system by these icons:


Standard icon for Proxy Ports
Standard icon for Flow Ports
          Standard icon for Standard Ports

The stereotype of port is <<Port>>. You need the stereotype when you create document templates, queries, forms, or search for a port in the tool. In the Stereotypes window you will find the stereotype Port under DomainElement. The stereotype contains the sub stereotypes FullPort and ProxyPort. You can create additional sub stereotypes or user-defined properties. Properties do not have to be created separately for each sub stereotype, since the properties are inherited from the main stereotype. You can also create standard ports. Its stereotype is <<StandardPort>>.

Context menu commands

With the context menu commands, you can edit personas, share them, create revisions, and much more. The following shortcut menu commands are available for ports:


Opens the editing dialog in write mode.

Change State

Change the state of a port without opening the editing dialog.

Show Diagrams

Opens a dialog where all diagrams containing the ports are displayed. If you select a diagram and click OK, the diagram opens.

Show Referenced Block

Jumps within the Products window to the referenced block.

Edit Revision

Allows you to create a revision. It also allows you to view, compare, and trace the history of a port.


Deletes the port from the project. The action cannot be undone.